Ford Focus Diesel : Improved Technology But a High Cost To Drive Daily


Ford Focus Diesel : Improved Technology But a High Cost To Drive Daily

Ford Focus Diesel is the best selling product of third generation of ford. It is all new. There is a new platform. Ford Focus Diesel is in new looking. It includes new gadgets and a super efficient range of new engines. In recent years ford has producing synonymous with strong design. But particularly the latest Ford Focus Diesel is not daring. The triangular shaped details in the front of bumper make the Ford Focus Diesel appear a little awkward. But finding a decent driving position is easy. Its steering adjusts for reach and rake. The seat lowers much more than before version.

From latest C-MAX Ford Focus Diesel, the dash and center console are taken. This provides striking mix of modern style. It includes premium quality and neat touches. In this version LED lights glow red around the door handle when anyone jump in. The light on the head is auto adjustable. It is a cool item of this version. This technology works with soft touch materials on the fascia and a piano black console. It has done to put the Focus interior on a par with those of Audi and BMW. But there are more gadgets available than in most German models. On those models a mobile phone style camera sits just above the rear view mirror. It has done to operate systems break the car automatically in the event of an imminent parallel parking. It also recognizes road signs and speed limits. It displays them on the dash. I Ford Focus Diesel include Adaptive cruise control and blind spot warning feature too.

All this things works successfully, but they come at a price. The cost of driver Assistance pack is 750 pounds. If anyone wants all the packages, he or she needs at least 2500 extra pounds. Without these features the starting price is 495 pounds. Here technology is the key factor. The Ford Focus Diesel gets electric power steering and torque vectoring for the first time. A regular hydraulic set up is less efficient than the former one. But latter subtly breaks the driven wheels to minimize a limited slip differential.

The recent Ford cars came up with Ford’s powerful dual clutch gearbox. In automatic mode it is smooth. But the only way to change ratio manually is to use the awkward up or down buttons on the lever. It will be more interesting to see how the lesser variants compare. The top spec model proves the Focus still makes sense for UK buyers.

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