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Nissan vehicles use a straightforward way of naming their Nissan engines. A nice example is the RB26DETT Nissan engine where the features letter describes an engine with double overhead camshafts; two turbo chargers and electronic port fuel injection.

The subsequent example is the SR20DENissan engine where the features letter describes an engine with electronic port fuel injection and dual overhead camshafts but it leaves off any power adder descriptor since it is a logically aspirated engine. The popular; single turbocharged kind of this Nissan engine is rationally termed the SR20DET.

Not all structures are essentially termed in the name. For ex; the SR20VE Nissan engine has twofold overhead camshaft but the adjustable valve lift design of the camshafts takes priority in the nomenclature pattern even though the V feature title does not essentially define a DOHC plan.

A great example of a Nissan engine where not all the features title spot are used is the CA18ET Nissan engine. The 2 features registered being electronic port fuel injection labeled with the E and the existence of a turbocharger planned with the letter T. The Nissan engines have single overhead camshafts so that there is no registered in the name; the camshaft kind title place being left-out totally. Nissan doesn’t have a letter title for the SOHC formation so the camshaft formation kind is supposed as the SOHC if there is no letter present.

Lastly; the MR16DDT Nissan engine title describes a Nissan engine with twofold overhead camshafts; single turbocharger and a direct cylinder fuel injection. This Nissan engines also have variable valve timing; however Nissan doesn’t have currently a letter title for that feature.

The RB Nissan engine is 2–3 L straight-6 four stroke petrol or gasoline engine from Nissan manufactured from the year 1985 to 2004.

Both SOHC and DOHC types have an aluminum head. The SOHC types have two valves per cylinder and the DOHC types have four valves per cylinder and all cam lobe move only one single valve. All RB Nissan engines have a cast iron block and belt driven cams. Most turbo car models have an inter-cooled turbo and most of them have a re-circulating factory blow off to lessen boost surge while the throttle is closed.

The RB Nissan Engine is consequent from the 6 cylinder L20ANissan engines which has the same stroke and bore as the RB20.

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