Before hiring a limousine


Hiring a limousine for special purposes for instance wedding, prom, birthdays and anniversaries can be nerve attacking especially when you are amateur and do not hold an idea about the process of hiring a limousine. But it’s not that all pain worthy when you do some research work on this particular topic. Extract right amount of information and you will be all set and done. But keep your eyes wide open so you will not end up in wrong lane.
Some of the basic things you should be aware of before hiring limos are

• Are you allowed to hire limo? : Generally you should be above 18 or 25 years to hire limousine.

• Know your plan and needs: First of all, be aware of your needs. Make a list, what sort of things is needed to make your event successful? Plan your event according to that. Have as much as option you can have, do short list, choose the right limousine company that will give you the services you want. Source of information can be generate through internet, newspaper or person.

• Get the exact information about the Limousine service companies: You should gather the vital information about the limousines. You should ask the question whether the company is fully insured and have licensed or registered by the state law or federal government. Is the company legitimate? How long it has been doing this business? What are the company’s policies? How they operate when unexpected things will happen such as break down or delay. Search for Export Company that has been providing the service for long time. Don’t go for company who provide services for Airport Pickups when your occasion is prom or wedding. And most important thing is be aware of the rules and regulation of the limousine company.

• What kind of Limousine you want? : Describe in detail to your limousine company about type of limousine you need according to your event. Ask for prom limo, wedding limo, party bus what is the exact occasion so that limo you are hiring will suit the services you want. Ask for size, shape, colors and do check out whether the limo is in a good condition or not. And don’t forget to get information about the no of passenger allowed in limo, commonly eight members are allowed. So you can plan the pickups or drops. Don’t try to squeeze more people than limitation. It is not safe and against the law. Look for PCV or COIF (certificate of initial Fitness) if the members are more than eight. Ask whether the limousine is legal and safe; don’t just go for glamour.

• Understand the Payment process: First set you budget and work according to that. Understand the payment process, how the charge is taken, is it per hour or day. What is the cost per hour? Is it relevant to the services they will provide? How the payment is done? Usually the payment is done through Credit card or Debit card and almost in every limousine company you have to pay 50% amount in advance. Don’t throw your payment receipt in trash can you might need it.

• Go for professional chauffeur: Always go for professional chauffeur who have commercial driving license stated by law. Make sure the chauffeur that company will provide is under no influence of drug and alcohol for safe journey.

• Route: Have information whether the limousine you will be hiring will operate in that particular areas, give a clear picture to chauffeur where is the pickups and drops. Make sure the limousine company is in local place so that both client and service provider will have easy time regarding being familiar with the places plus there will no additional charges for going up to garage if the Venue is too far.

• Insurance: Make sure your company have minimum liability coverage or supported with proper insurance coverage. It is requirement by law of state to have proper private hire insurance, if you have any doubt regarding the legitimacy of company you should inquire about company’s insurance policy and print out their insurance detail.

• Ask for a contract: Always ask for written contract before you hire a limousine make sure all detail are included in the contract such as policies, proof of insurance, approved license, total cost, refund, deposit, extra hours, personal accident insurance.

Some of the other general things that you should comprehend is look for testimonies, ask for reference and look for guarantee do inquire about the alcohol consumption depending upon the law of state for an example alcohol consumption in freeways is not allowed. Well these are the some of the things you should care about while hiring limo so that you can enjoy the ride without worrying about the other things. There are many Limousine hiring companies in colorado which has been providing the high quality services you want.

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