World's most unique limousines


21 unique limousines

We have witness limousine making a history and proving it to be the best of all. Now here are the most eccentric limos making our eyes pop up.

Longest limousine: Reportedly there have been many longest limousines.  Limousine is considered to be the longest of all cars. But it has set off the record by making it longer than usual stretch limousines. The longest limousine in the world is reported to be the 100 meters long with 26 tires, making it exotic with hot tub, swimming pool, helipad, sun deck.

Harley Davidson limousine:  It is something out of the box. Appearance of limousine is combined with the classic look of Harley Davidson bike and limousine. It provides rooms for 16 passengers with multiple latest onboard entertainments, creating a new exciting anticipation for bike riders. You will be definitely blown away by the riding experience in Harley Davidson limousine.

Porsche limousine:  Porsche limousine is also another distinctive limo, with capacity of 12 people. It has created a new sensation for Porsche lovers. With European design and custom made this set an excellent standard for limousine riders. Porsche limo has been usually hired for proms, birthdays and parties.

GP limousine: GP limousine is one of the world’s fastest legal, street limousine build by Michael Pettipas.

Beetle limousine:  Beetle limo was commonly known as people’s car but now it has gain the reputation of being a stylish limo. The particular Beetle limousine or special bug limo is reported to be the based on Beetle GLS. It has given a comfort zone to its customer by providing the spacious rooms for 5 to 6 passengers with added amenities such as mini TV, small bar and CD player for your entertainment. It may not the most luxurious limo in the world but it is definitely the cool one to hop on.

Tank limo:  Tank limo is considered to the coolest limo ever. This eccentric limo is loved and appreciated by all limo fans. Massive, military look is certainly a head turner. Though its exteriors may seem to be rough, its interiors are very elegant with stocked bar, TV, CD and DVD player, refrigerator and other entertainment objects.

Prius Limo: Prius limo is believed to be the smartest limo. With 6 door custom made car, it has got plenty of rooms for 8 to 10 people. Good fuel economy is marked as one of the best aspect of this car. This car is considered to be the best for family.

Chrysler prowler limousine: Chrysler prowler limo is built with six cylinder gasoline engine set with an automatic transmission. This limo comes with 17 inch monitor with DVD/CD player, a 33000 watt surrounding sound system, full equipped bar, color changing lights with lambo style doors. It is definitely the car that you will want buy.

Mini cooper limo:  Mini cooper was specially built with a DVD and CD player, air condition, leather seats, flat screen, telephone, sunroof, and the most excellent part of this car was whirlpool integrated into the rear section of the car. Further, it is equipped with six wheels with four doors, with the capacity of six seats, supported by a third rear axle.

Boeing 727 limo:  Now this you may think crazy, a Mexican limousine company has literally changed a Boeing plane into a luxurious limousine taking of its wings. Now, it is officially big diesel car with the capacity of 50 people with the speed of 200 kilometers an hour.  Boeing 727 limo was massive six ton plane, 18 meters long and 3.9 meters high along with six- cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine in back. Now you can enjoy in the Boeing 727 limo with bar and lounge and dance club.

Ferrari Limousine: World’s first Ferrari limousine was produced in 2007 with the speed of 170 mph. But soon there were other Ferrari stretch limousine making headlines in the automotive world. Carbonyte Uk was used as the hot fusion technology that was previously used on McLaren SLR super car. This alluring red Ferrari was designed by Dan Cawley of Prestige Limousines.

Monster truck limousine: This gigantic limo is the toughest limo of all, around 12 feet tall, 6 ft tires with 7500cc Chevy engine. This giant truck limo is nothing like the other limo you have seen before, with its American body styling, chunky tires, it has got elevated driving seats, surely you will need staircase in order to climb this limo.

Lamborghini limo: This stretch Lamborghini is 6 meters long with twin axle design and four seats. The specialty about this limo was Ford 2.8 Liter cylinder engine. Further the exotic Lamborghini limo is set with leather seats, convertible top, stereo sound system, mini bar, fiber optics and even Jacuzzi.

Skoda limousines:  This antique Skoda limousine was crafted by Czechoslovakian. It was crafted well attracting many auto crazy people with its 21st century engine technology, sunroof, surrounding sound system and beautiful interior design.

Armored limousine: This armored limousine is huge and safe along it will cheer you up with its luxurious amenities, strobe lights, bar, TV, CD player, superior sound system, 4 LCD monitors, plush upholstery, dual ac unit, neon and mood lighting.

Mercedes junk limo: Now this is a Mercedes-Benz 300TD created by Antii Rahko. This was amazingly built with junk parts collected from more than a  40 cars including 86 lights, 36 mirrors and 3 batteries. This car has capacity of 10 people and further upgraded with 4 wheel-steering, 3 axle and 8 wheels with 25 mpg.

Electric limousine:  Electronic limousine is Japanese designed and Italian made. This car is also called KAZ (keio Advanced Zero-Emission Vehicle),   resembling the character of sports car and prove to be very sporty with superior balance to regular four-wheel vehicles.  It has got the feature of peaceful engine; zero emissions and low vibration make for a smooth ride.

Dual-nosed Escalade Limousine: This is one of the weirdest limousines manufactures by WeirdTruck Company combining the parts of chevy 3500 series truck. Its interior is set up to portray the limousine assets with U- shape seats, booming sound system and video projector with 50-inch screen.

Pink hummer limo: Nobody has thought turning this military vehicle in to the hot pink hummer limo. This hummer limo has officially rated as the hottest limo ever with custom made with sparkling lights, stereo sound system, DVD player, flat TV screen, stocked bars, IPOD input, lasers, strobes and disco ceilings.

Audi R8 limo: Being one of the most popular sports cars now it has turned in to the luxurious limo. With the capacity of 8 members and added luxurious amenities, it has proven to be the fastest limousine in the world.

Chevrolet Corvette limousine:  Another sports car is also turned in to stretch limousine. This sports car has managed to display its sporty attitude with style and elegance. This limousine is smooth and very attractive; definitely all eye balls will be gazing at this limousine. Most of these corvette cars are based on modern corvette but there are also few numbers of limo based on classic Corvette from seventies and eighties.

Hence, limousines, also known as style guru are impressive. Its contents are anomalous, it is a fiction transforming into facts.  Limousines are witnessed rolling around in the streets of Atlantic City which are very unusual but very stylistic including Atlantic City limo; this eccentric limo truly defines the uniqueness with the exceptional beauty.

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