Are You Thinking About Building A Custom Car?


Over the years I have seen a lot of different custom cars built, just when you think that you have seen it all somebody does something completely different. It doesn’t matter what you consider to be a custom car there is never a point when something completely different can’t be done.

Every-bodies idea of a custom car is different. For some people it means a custom paint job, for others it’s a high performance engine and transmission, and for other it means custom interior work, and then there are the people that do everything.

The idea is only limited by your wallet, and your imagination. You can quiet literally do anything your mind can imagine. For me it’s the whole nine yards, everything plus the kitchen sink. This is why I don’t have my dream car yet.

Some people never get their car finished because they are always changing their mind, but this is part of the fun of the process. You are always thinking what did I miss; could anything have been done better, or different to make the car more what it should be?

People have fawned over cars since the first ones were built back in the day. That will never change although the cars will change quite drastically, and the old school people will never like it. People by nature don’t like change; why change something that works right, and look good?

That is my way of thinking, I am one of the old school custom car guys that thinks we could leave well enough alone. Nothing has the style and class of a classic car, and it never will. I love the old way of doing things and the old style of cars.

There is no doubt that a car is in the eye of the beholder; it doesn’t matter is you like the new style cars or the old school hot rods you can customize any car to your specs and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s like I said earlier if you have a money, and the imagination anything can be done.

Back in the day were were limited by the technology of the day. These days technology has advanced to the point where there are plenty of cool things that you can do that don’t require a huge output of cash. The after market has seen to that and I might add done a very good job of it.

Back in the day if you wanted a custom car you had to make a lot of the parts yourself. These days we can take advantage of the people who were doing it back in the day. This is where Vic Edelbrock started.

It was Vic and a couple of other guys in a two bay garage that done the most for the after market auto parts industry back in the day. We still look to Edelbrock these days to innovate and create a lot of the parts that we use.

All this technology make it cast more for us to build the cars that we love. If your looking to build a custom car you should plan it to the last nut and bolt. You should plan to lay out the cash to get exactly what you want there is no such a thing as a cheap custom car.

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